Lighting Design - Production

4 years university (law)
working in the lighting business since 1984
freelance since 1987
Based in Berlin (and sometimes in Mexico)
World wide production experience

I design events, concerts, trade shows and architectural lighting projects of all kinds and any size. I can deal with all visual aspects of a show.
Apart of this I also offer general production design and technical management services, from planning and budgeting to finding the right production companies and people to do the job.

Apart if that I am busy developing new technical approaches and solutions. One such project is the Zactrack automated follow system.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French



"OPUS" - German Stage Prize for Lighting Design 2005

Other shows I have been creatively involved with that have won awards:

Samsung, CEBIT 2005
IF award

Sony Ericsson, Athens 2007

EVA Gold Award in the Category "Exhibition Event"
GALAXY Gold award in the Category "Event Marketing" and additionally "Best of Show" award.

Samsung IFA 2009
ADC (Art Directors Club Germany): "Silver Nail" for "Spacial Communication "
International Advertising Competition of Montreux 2010: Gold Medal.
Exhibitor Magazine Design Award, New York: EDGE AWARD

BMW IAA 2013
ADC Award Silver 2014
Red Dot Communication Award 2014
Automotive Brand Award 2014

Various lectures , for instance at Showlight Munich 2005 and at UNAM Mexico 2007
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